List of Inventions & Discoveries PDF

List of Inventions & Discoveries PDF

Welcome, Sarkari Exam, here we provide a list list of inventions and discoveries pdf which help to your all Competitive Exam So Read the Post Carefully and download pdf. 

Static Gk Topic help to you on Various Exam, who are preparing for competitive exam. thus it is easier to score more for this part. Further in this article, we bring to you to the list of discoveries and inventions along with the name of the inventor and their discoveries based on the below.

Complete List of Inventions & Discoveries PDF

  • Calculator – Wilhelm Schickard
  • Air Conditioner – Wills Carrier 
  • Animaton – Emile Reynaud 
  • Atom Bom – Robert Oppenheimer
  • Airplane – Write Brothers 
  • Blood Group – Lansdsteiner 
  • Ball Point Pen – John Loud 
  • Diesel Engine – Rudolf Diesel
  • Chlorine – Karl 
  • Electric Battery – Volta 
  • Fountain pen – Waterman
  • Gramophone – Thomas Edison
  • Hydrogen – here Cavendish 
  • Helicopter – Igor Sikorsky 
  • HoverCraft – Christpher 
  • Insulin – Sir Fredrick Banting 
  • Jet Engine – Hans Ohain 
  • Light Bulb – Heinrich Goebel
  • Micorscope – janseen 
  • Piano – Barolomeo 
  • Printing Press – Johannes Gutenberg 
  • Radium – Marie & Peerre Curie
  • Rocket Engine – Rober H Goddard 
  • Xerox Machine – Chester Carlson 

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