Top History multiple choice questions pdf set-2

Top History multiple choice questions pdf set-2

Welcome to Sarkari Exam, Here we provide History multiple choice questions which help to your all competitive exam. you also download history multiple choice questions pdf here.

History multiple choice questions pdf

1. Which among the following travelers has recorded his experiences in “Kitab-iRehla”?
A. Amir Khusro
B. Ibn Battuta
C. Malik Murtaza
D. Al-Bayhaqi
Ans- B
2. Many details have been provided about the village administration under Chola Written in
A. Kanchipuram
B. Thanjavur
C. Uttiramerur
D. Woriyur
Ans- C
3. Which of the following is the modern location of the “Gogunda War”?
A. Gujarat
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Rajasthan
D. Harayana
Ans- C
4. Haji Ibrahim Sarhind is known as a Persian writer during Akbar’s rule?
A. Ramayana
B. Mahabharata
C. Atharva Veda
D. Rigveda
Ans- C
5. In the Mughal administration, military recruitment had been looked after by the
A. Kotwal
B. Bakhshi
C. Wazir
D. Diwan
Ans- C
7. Shah Jahan was kept in prison by Aurangzeb at
A. Ajmer
B. Agra
C. Delhi
D. Daulatabad
Ans- B
8. The revenue system initiated by Sher Shah influenced the revenue system of
A. Alauddin Khalji
B. Babar
C. Akbar
D. Aurangzeb
Ans- C
9. The diary of Athanasius (Afanasi) Nikitin, the first Russian traveler to India, is entitled
A. A passage to India
B. The land of miracles
C. The journey beyond the three seas
D. Travel to the land of honey and gold
Ans- C
10. Sultanates of Delhi have taken Which of the following in their buildings from the
ancient architecture?
A. Mehrab
B. Arched openings
C. Decoration figures
D. Gumbaj
Ans- B
11. The Sultan of the Sultanate of Delhi, who transferred his capital from Delhi to Agra,
A. Khizr Khan
B. Bahlul Lodi
C. Sikandar Lodi
D. Ibrahim Lodi
Ans- C
12.  Battle of Plassey fought In Which year?
A. 1778
B. 1764
C. 1757
D. 1426
Ans- C
13. The rulers of the Lodhi dynasty were
A. Turks settled in Afghanistan
B. Pure Turks
C. Pure Afghan
D. Timurid Turks
Ans- C
14. In the medieval era, kings’ income was mostly derived from
A. Offer in temples
B. Business
C. Land Revenue
D. Industrial Production
Ans- C
15. Who among the following was considered as the “mixture of opposites”.?
A. Firuz Tughlaq
B. Mohammed bin Tughlaq
C. Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
D. Kaiqubad
Ans- B
16. Which among the following sentence is INCORRECT?
A. Sikandar Lodhi founded Agra
B. Harihar I founded the Vijaynagar
C. Balban completed the construction of Qutub Minar
D. All are correct
Ans- C
17. The first Indian ruler to organize Haj Pilgrimage at State expense was
A. Aurangzeb
B. Akbar
C. Firuz Shah Tughluq
D. Alauddin Khalji
Ans- B
18. Sher Shah’s tomb is in Saharam, Balhar, but he died
A. Delhi
B. Agra
C. Chunar
D. Faucet
Ans- D
19. Humayun Nama was written by which of the following authors?
A. Humayun
B. Khwand Amir
C. Gulbadan Beghum
D. Abu FazaL
Ans- C
20. Under Shivajl’s rule of the products were to be given by the peasant to the state.
A. Three-fifths
B. Two-fifths
C. One-fifth
D. Four-fifths
Ans- B
21. Kalachuri Empire is related to which of the following modern area?
A. Karnataka
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. Tamil Nadu
Ans- B
22. Which among the following was called as the Central Pillar of the administrative system of Delhi sultanate?
A. Izra system
B. Iqta System
C. devshirme system
D. Chahalgami
Ans- B
23. Guru Gobind Singh was assassinated by a
A. Mughal
B. Hindu
C. Afghan Pathan
D. Sikh
Ans- C
24. Silapaddikaram’ and ‘Manimekalai’ are the immortal epic works belonging to which of the following period?
A. Pre-Mauryan Age
B. Sangam Age
C. Gupta Age
D. Early Medieval Age
Ans- B
25. The most important political gain to the Mughals during the reign of Shah Jahan was
A. annexation of Ahmadnagar
B. treaties with Bijapur and Golconda
C. both A and B above
D. expulsion of the Portuguese from Hughli
Ans- C
26. Ayagara in Vijayanagar was
A. Administrators of Nadus
B. Governors of Provinces
C. Administrators of Kottams
D. Village functionaries
Ans- D
27. The Zamindars were known by several names in different parts of India, Which
did not include being called a
A. Patil
B. Deshmukh
C. Nayak
D. Rajuka
Ans- B
28. Guru Nanak was born at
A. Talwandi
B. Purandhar
C. Amritsar
D. Poona
Ans- A
29. Fawazil in the Sultanate period meant
A. Extra payment made to the nobles
B. Revenue assigned in lieu of salary
C. Excess amount paid to the exchequer by the iqtadars
D. Illegal exactions extracted from the peasants
Ans- C
30. The greatest ruler in the history of Vijayanagar was?
A. Deva Raya II
B. Saluva Narsimha
C. Krishnadeva Raya
D. Achyutdeva Raya
Ans- C
31. The Sultan of Delhi who transferred two monolithic Mauryan pillars to Delhi to beautify his capital was
A. Iltutmish
B. Alauddin Khalji
C. Firuz Tughluq
D. Muhammad-bin-Tughluq
Ans- C
32. The first capital of the Bahamani Kingdom was
A. Gulbarga
B. Bidar
C. Daulatabad
D. Golconda
Ans- A
33. Shivaji attacked Shayista Khan in the night at
A. Agra
B. Konkan
C. Bijapur
D. Poona
Ans- D
34. Surdas was a disciple of which among the following?
A. Ramanujacharya
B. Ramananda
C. Vallabhacharya
D. Gyaneshwar
Ans- C
35. Akbar saw the sea for the first time in his life at
A. Calcutta
B. Surat
C. Cambay
D. Madras
Ans- C
36. Hemu, whom Akbar defeated In the Second Battle of Panipat (1556), was
A. Minister of Sikandar Shah Suri
B. Minister of Muhammad Adil Shah
C. Ruler of Rewari
D. Prime Minister of Rana Udai Singh of Mewar
Ans- B
37. Shivaji’s administration owed its origin to the principles laid down by
A. Kautilya
B. Sher Shah
C. Akbar
D. Adi Granth
Ans- A
38. Under the Mughals, the cotton goods were exported to
A. Africa
B. Sumatra
C. Japan
D. England
Ans- A
39. Who among the following Sultana wall advised by Qazi Mughiauddin to act according to the laws of Shariat, but the Sultan rejected his advice?
A. Jalaluddin Khalji
B. Alauddin Khalji
C. Muhammad-bin-Tughluq
D. Firuz Tughluq
Ans- B
40. Which of the following was defended by Chand Bibi against the Mughals?
A. Bijapur
B. Berar
C. Ahmednagar
D. Bedar
Ans- C
41. Who was the famous Deccan Hindu king, whose fleet crossed the Bay of Bengal with an army and conquered several kingdoms in Sumatra, Java, and Malaysia?
A. Rajendra Chola
B. Rajaraja I
C. Pulakeshin
D. Mahipal II
Ans- A
42. During Shivaji’s rule, the Council of the State consisted of
A. Eight Ministers
B. Eighteen Ministers
C. Twelve Ministers
D. Fifteen Ministers
Ans- A
43. The first Muslim ruler to introduce the system of price control was
A. Alauddin Khalji
B. Jalaluddin Khalji
C. Balban
D. Muhammad-bin-Tughluq
Ans- A
44. Mazal Khan’s ruler who fought with Shivaji was
A. Bijapur
B Mewar
C. Gujarat
D. Bengal
Ans- A
45. Ustad Isa is related to the design and architecture of which of the following Buildings
in Mughal Era?
A. Taj Mahal
B. Buland Darwaza
C. Red fort
D. Itimad-ud-daula’s tomb
Ans- A
46. Which coins were made by Sher Shah Suri?
A. Silver and copper only
Gold and silver only
C. Gold, Silver and Copper
D. Gold and copper
Ans- C
47. Timur’s invasion has taken place during the reign of
A. Abu Bakr Tughluq
B. Ghiyasuddin Tughluq
C. Muhammad-Bin-Tughluq
D. Nasiruddin Mahmud Tughluq
Ans- D
48. Which Sultan had been named Lakh Baksh, or the giver of lakhs, for his unbounded
A. Balban
B. Qutub-ud-din Aibak
C. Iltutmish
D. Nasiruddin Mahmud
Ans- B
49. Who is the author of Padmawat?
A. Faizi
B. Abul Fazl
C. Malik Mohammad Jaysai
D. Amir Khusrau
Ans- C
50. The Sikh Guru who had been killed at the the instance of Aurangzeb was
A. Guru Atjan Dev
B. Guru Hargobind
C. Guru Tegh Bahadur
D. Guru Gobind Singh
Ans- C
51. Known as a liberal religion propagated by the saints of Maharashtra and followed rigorously by Shivaji
A. Country religion
B. Maharashtra Religion
C. National religion
D. Hindu religion
Ans- B
52. The most important feature of the Mughal building was the
A. Dome
B. Arch
C. The narrow columns
D. Corbel brackets
Ans- A
53. Under the Mughala the Governor was popularly known as
A. Subahdar
B. Wazir
C. Vakil
D. Faujdar
Ans- A
54. Between whom among the following had the battle of Kanwah been fought?
A. Babar and Hemu
B. Akbar and Rana Pratap
C. Babar and Rana Sanga
D. Akbar and Rana Shngram Singh
Ans- C


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